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Federico Calò

Software and Web developer full stack

About me

Welcome, my name is Federico Calò and I am aSoftware and Web Developer

My passion for computer science was born among the high school desks and, after graduating from high school, I started my university studies at the Computer Science faculty of the Aldo Moro University of Bari. Right from the start I applied my knowledge to create websites and applications. To improve my skills, I create management systems and websites with different frameworks such as Spring Boot, React, Angular. I attend specific courses to keep myself updated on new technologies. The languages I use most are:

  • Java for desktop and management applications;
  • Python for Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence programs;
  • C, C ++, C # for applications and games;
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript for building websites;
  • MySQL and MongoDB for managing relational and non-relational databases.

As a framework for building web and desktop applications, however, I am improving my skills with:

  • Spring Boot for creating the Back End of applications;
  • React and Angular for the creation of the Front End of the applications;
  • The MERN stack for building web applications
  • JavaFX to create desktop application graphics.

I am also attending training courses to develop cloud programming. Finally, as you will see below, I also work for a software development company that allows me to field test my knowledge and skills. For any need do not hesitate to contact me !!!

Date of birth: 07/05/1998

Age: 23

Phone number: +39 333 2673 965

City: Soleto (LE)













Beginning of university studies in computer science

Enrollment at the Aldo Moro University of Bari, faculty of Computer Science. Degree class L31

High school diploma I.T.C Cezzi De Castro Moro

High school diploma obtained at the Cezzi De Castro Moro Commercial Technical Institute, with specialization in Business Information Systems

Work experiences



Hiring as a Junior Software Developer at WebScience. Performed activities:
  • Software analysis AS-IS and TO-BE
  • Evolutionary SEO WebSite
  • Evolutionary WebSite
  • I use CMS Liferay

Certifications and certificates


Udemy Software Architecture Case Studies certification

Course aimed at addressing both from a theoretical and practical point of view the architecture patterns of software, seeing them applied to real case studies, using modern technological stacks. For each software examined, the non-functional requirements and the functional requirements underlying the architecture are defined.

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Develop Full Stack App with React and Spring Boot Reactive

Course oriented to the creation of Full Stack Web applications using React for the part relating to the front end, while for the back end Spring Boot Reactor is used, as a MongoDB database.

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Java Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and AWS

Course aimed at creating an ecosystem of micro services using Spring Boot, creating appropriate Unit Tests and Integration Tests. Cache management and synchronous management between services is also addressed. Also you learn how to protect services with JWT and ZUUL.

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Udemy Deep Dive into Algorithms certification

Course aimed at solving Backtracking problems, dynamic programming and algorithms that make use of graphs through the C programming language. In addition, topics such as Greedy algorithms, search and sorting algorithms and Pattern Matching are addressed.

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Udemy Learn To Create AI Assistant with Python certification

Course oriented to programming in Python through a practical example: the creation of a customized voice assistant.

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PET certification

PET certification of English obtained through the university


Ecdl Full Standard

Achievement of Ecdl Full Standard certification.


Web Programming

Through the HTML, CSS, SAS and Javscript languages, I create websites for my business and through an in-depth SEO analysis I improve the positioning of the site in the various browsers.

Web and Desktop Application

The MERN technology stack and the Spring Boot framework create desktop and web applications for managing your business, from personnel management to warehouse and contact management.

App Mobile

Today we all have a mobile phone at hand, so why not make your business known even through a simple app from which the end user could buy the products?

Social Media

What is the best way to give an image to our company and broaden its audience? Social networks are certainly an excellent stage and knowing how to optimize posts in order to reach as many users as possible and convert them is essential.

Data Analysis

I create applications within which I integrate algorithms that process company data, analyze them and display them in the best possible way. These applications are necessary if you want to study the interests of your customers or analyze the progress of your company. The integrations are done entirely in Python language.


Phone Number

+39 3332673965


+39 3332673965